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Dr Ratheesh has over 360+ verified reviews in 2023

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Dr Ratheesh has conducted over 27,000
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DRGP is a Private, CQC registered, GP telemedicine provider founded by Dr Ratheesh, the most reviewed GP in the country on Doctify with over 360+ verified reviews. Dr Ratheesh, affectionately known as Dr Rad, brings seven years of experience as an NHS GP to DRGP.

Situated in Hastings, East Sussex, DRGP serves patients nationwide through telephone or video appointments, making Dr Ratheesh's expertise and compassionate care accessible to individuals across England.

DRGP will be closed from Monday 18th March and will reopen Tuesday 26th March 2024

Why choose DRGP?

  • Access to an Experienced GP:
    DRGP connects patients with an experienced GP. Dr Rad has conducted over 27,000 GP consultations in 7 years.
  • Continuity of Care:
    Patients enjoy the privilege of speaking with the same doctor during their consultation, ensuring consistent and personalised care.
  • Convenience:
    DRGP simplifies appointment booking with a user-friendly online system, offering flexible appointment times.
  • Extended Consultation:
    Patients benefit from extended 20-minute appointments via telephone or video calls, allowing for thorough discussions of healthcare concerns.
  • Swift Appointments:
    DRGP offers same-day or next-day appointments with a simple click, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls.
  • Efficient Online Booking:
    Saving you valuable time as you can avoid having to call up a receptionist to book in.
  • Reputable GP:
    Dr Rad has over 360+ verified reviews from his patients on Doctify
DRGP's comprehensive services include:

  • Medical Telephone and Video Consultations:
    Starting from £55, DRGP provides accessible and affordable healthcare consultations.
  • Private scripts:
    DRGP provides Private scripts for medications, which can be conveniently collected from any UK pharmacy through their partner, Signature Rx.
  • Medication Home Delivery:
    Patients can have private scripts for medications delivered to their doorstep with next-day delivery via their partner, Signature Rx.
  • Referral Letters:
    DRGP can facilitate referral letters to connect patients with private specialist doctors as needed.
  • Sick Notes:
    If required, DRGP can issue sick notes for up to two weeks.
  • Treatments of patients of any age:
    Under 18s need parental consent and must be present at the consultation.
  • Appointments Monday to Friday:
    Available from 2-8pm (Availability may vary subject to demand)
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Below are verified patient reviews from Dr Ratheesh’s NHS and Private patients. Dr Ratheesh has over 360+ reviews on the Doctify platform.

Common medical conditions DRGP can help you with

Treatment for Common infections
Common infections

Chest infections, urinary tract infection, ear infection, Cellulitis (skin infection), tonsilitis, sinusitis, cold sores, fungal nail infection, oral thrush, shingles, threadworms, ringworm, infected insect bites, impetigo, abscess

Skin conditions
Skin conditions

Acne, eczema, folliculitis, scabies, rosacea, itchy scalp, psoriasis , ringworm, athletes foot, perioral dermatitis, acne rosacea, scalp psoriasis, contact dermatitis, hives, skin moles, infected sebaceous cysts

Musculoskeletal problems
Musculoskeletal problems

Gout, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injuries , shoulder, knee, hip, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, bursitis, costochondritis (rib pain), plantar fasciitis, tendonitis

Treatments for Mental health issues
Mental health issues

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD, stress

Acid reflux, constipation, haemorrhoids and Bowel Problems
Stomach & bowel problems

Acid reflux, constipation, haemorrhoids, IBS, Irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis

Men’s health
Men’s health

Erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, hair loss, balanitis, epididymitis

Below are verified reviews from Dr Ratheesh’s patients for his NHS appraisal on the Clarity platform in 2022

"This doctor went above and beyond to support my needs. He found the relevant information I needed about medications. Made a Referral. Prescribed relevant medications. And book an appointment for a separate issue all in one phone consultation, and still made me feel heard and valued. I really appreciate his help today. Thankyou very much"

"Was very very good did 3 referrals and another medications on top of that very thorough a good and safe was very happy with my care and will want to see him again a he Made me feel safe and welcome and got my issues moving forward quickly very happy "

"I'm new to the surgery and this was my first contact and experience with a GP from **. I was very impressed and the GP was lovely showing empathy and compassion. I felt he listened to me and explained everything really well. I was highly impressed and want to say thank you. "

"Very helpful and understanding and professional. Explained ongoing treatment options and advise for self help as well as medication and for ongoing plan."

"Doctor Ratheesh has been consistently professional throughout the years I have been seeing him. I feel very confident and relax with his duty of care and knowledge , thank Doctor Ratheesh."

"Followed up and called my back un prompted. Easy manner and explained concerns well. Appeared genuinely invested and was pro active."

"If it was at all possible I would like to see this Doctor everytime for any future appointments. I found him very caring, and took the time to listen to what I had to say and let me explain my symptoms I had. He also dealt with referrals and treatment straight away, and took me seriously. He also did follow up phone call to check on my wellbeing. I found him very polite and he made me feel at ease, safe and comfortable. I would definately be happy to see this Doctor again."

"Was reassuring, sent me information, , very helpful, wonderful doctor"

"Dr Ratheesh is extremely professional and caring. Thank Doctor Ratheesh for your help and support"

"The doctor has a very calming demeanour and was very pro active in solving the issues. A very good experience."

"Spoke to doctor over phone. Very polite, informative and very helpful."

"I did not feel rushed when explaining my problem"

"Was reassuring, sent me information, , very helpful, wonderful doctor "

About Dr Ratheesh

Dr Ratheesh has been a qualified doctor for 12 years and a qualified GP for over 7 years. As a GP in the NHS he has conducted over 27,000 consultations over the last 7 years.

  • Graduated medical school from University College London in 2011.
  • Fully GMC registered since August 2012
  • GP training at East Sussex VTS scheme 2013 to 2016 (Conquest hospital and Eastbourne Hospital)
  • Joined the Royal College of General Practitioners Until February 2024
  • Worked at various GP practices in Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Croydon, Purley and Bromley over the last 7 years.

Dr Ratheesh was awarded this certificate in June 2023 from the CEO of Top Doctors Uk

To find out more about Dr Ratheesh’s Topdoctors UK profile please click below

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Frequently asked questions
As a GP I have a broad knowledge on the majority of medical conditions. If I can’t manage a particular condition, I can recognise my limitations and refer appropriately to a specialist doctor. I have done specialist rotations in Psychiatry , Obstetrics and gynaecology, Paediatrics, care of the elderly, cardiology, gastroenterology and 12 months in A&E. I have also worked at 2 walk in centres in East Sussex for over 2 years dealing with acute medical problems that present to GPs.

I am fortunate enough to have access to vast network of consultant specialist colleagues, so if I am stuck with a specialist question, I can easily access consultant specialist knowledge within minutes if needed. This benefits you as it can avoid referrals at times if I have a colleague in that field who can offer professional but informal advice. This may not always be the case but I will try to access the knowledge if I do not know the answer.
I have over a decade of experience as a doctor working in the NHS in Hastings. I wanted to set up my own private medical service and treat people who want professional advice and guidance at a time convenient for both the patient and myself. I will be able to follow up my own patients over time leading to better continuity of care and a better patient experience.

I will have more control over my clinic workload and can create a more flexible work life balance. When you book with DRGP, you are booking an appointment with myself, you know you will speak to the same doctor each time.
I am based in Hastings in East Sussex and I know this area well, I have lived here for 11 years. As a new private GP, I will be focussed primarily on the East Sussex area. However, I can also treat anyone in England over the phone or by video call.
I am still going to continue to work as an NHS GP part time.
They will vary from week to week depending on my availability. I am aiming to open from 2pm to 8pm Monday to Friday. I will vary my opening hours depending on the demand on the service. The website will show my availability. If you see an appointment online at a particular time and date, then book it.
There are many other larger more established private GP companies offering a similar telemedicine service. The main difference between DRGP and others is that when you book with DRGP, you are getting an appointment with myself. You know that I have got over 6 years of experience as a GP and have conducted over 27,000 consultations.

You can be assured that as DRGP is my company, it is my reputation on the line. I am going to do my very best to listen to you and help you with your medical issue. You can see from my reviews on Clarity and Doctify that the patient I treat respect and like my consultation style. I take pride in explaining conditions and treatment plans clearly. Being a GP is more than just knowing guidelines and understanding conditions, I believe communication to the patient is key. I will explain what I think is going on, what I think we should next and what to look out for if things get worse.

You can book with confidence knowing that you are getting a caring, compassionate doctor who will try to solve your issue or recommend the most appropriate plan moving forward.
If I am on holiday the clinic will be closed and the appointments on that date will not be available to book online. If I am unwell and have to cancel a clinic appointment at short notice, then you will be offered a rescheduled appointment. If that is not convenient for you then you can ask for a refund and book elsewhere.
No I can not see your NHS GP notes, you will need to let me know what medical conditions you have, what medications you take, the dose of medication you take and any important allergies.
Yes, if you give me consent, I will share our consultation with your NHS GP. We can send them the notes via secure email. I would need to know your practice name and email address. If you do not want them to know about our consultation, please let me know at the end of the consultation.
Unfortunately, as a private GP the regulation is very strict. I can not issue scripts for controlled drugs.
  • Emergency care where A&E is more suitable
  • Maternity care
  • Palliative care
  • DVLA medicals, firearm licence renewals
  • Formal mental capacity assessments
  • Covid 19 vaccinations or other private vaccinations
  • Issuing controlled drugs
  • Assessment for breast or testicular lumps
DRGP will be offering self testing blood kits which can be posted to your home. This will have an additional charge. The service is coming soon.
I can write a sick note for up to 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks you will need to see your own GP to extend it for a longer period.
We have the option for a video call where you can show me a rash or lump etc. If you still need to be examined I will have to advice you to see your own GP or if it is truly urgent, you will need to go to A&E. DRGP does not have a physical clinic site to examine patients. If you think you need to be examined then this service might not be for you. If you have your own blood pressure machine, thermometer or pulse oximeter, that can help me make a clinical assessment of your condition.
DRGP supports the following charities

Supporting and enabling the community of Hastings and Rother to live well with dying, death and loss

South Coast’s leading creative wellbeing service

South Coast’s leading creative wellbeing service for children, young people, parents and professionals

Dom's Food mission

Dom's Food mission is an environmentally friendly surplus food charity, supporting our community, supplying in-date food to those facing food insecurity

nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people

They provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people.

WUTH- Warming upthe homeless

Warming up the homeless
They help people without a home, one meal, hot drink or change of clothes at a time.

Hastings United football club

For more information about DRGPs commercial sponsorship deal with Hastings United football club, click here

DRGP is delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring Hastings United football clubs new first team training wear tracksuit and also become a business partner for the 2023/24 season.

Drgp has partnerships and affiliations with the following companies

Semble provides us with our secure online clinical platform

Signature Rx

Signature Rx provides us with electronic Private scripts so we can send secure compliant prescriptions to any pharmacy in the UK

Designofy-Web site Design Copany

Designofy have designed our logo and website


Doctify provide verified feedback for healthcare specialists

Information commissioners

DRGP is registered with the Information commissioners office- they uphold information rights in the public interest ( ZB510946)


Customuniforms.co.uk designed Dr Ratheesh’s new scrubs and clothing line


Designed DRGP’s acrylic custom office sign

Sarin Healthcare

Strategic partnership with local healthcare businesses in Hastings

Top Doctors

Dr Ratheesh works with Top Doctors UK to collect reviews

DRGP has been granted a CQC licence on the 26th July 2023.
Dr Vimalendran Ratheesh is the registered manager of DRGP

CQC certificate